Humboldt squid print and Diana

About me

I'm a scientist who loves finding new ways to help people engage with the world around them.

I am currently Public Programs Associate at Columbia University's Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.

Trained in scientific research, I've seen how important it is to not only conduct experiments well but to actually use that knowledge to spark an interest in others, no matter their scientific background. As a strong believer in experiential learning, I strive to introduce learners to scientific concepts through hands-on activities tailored to any age group, be it in K-12 classrooms or for adults at after-hours museum events. My hope is that the portion of science that I bring to others will propel them to find out more, way after they're done interacting with me.

As a recent graduate from Stanford University's Biology Ph.D. program, I want to move forward with creating spaces and content at an institution that fosters scientific engagement, especially in underserved communities. Throughout graduate school, I've sought opportunities to strengthen science experiences specifically for those in underrepresented groups. Prior to Stanford, I attended Princeton University where I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2013.

Learn more about what I do to promote science engagement and what squids have taught me during my Ph.D. in the links above!